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Beantown Rugby Football Club was founded in the fall of 1976 and quickly established itself as one of the nation’s preeminent women’s rugby teams. We have compiled a distinguished record at the National Championship Tournament, including 6 National Championship titles.

When USA Rugby founded the Women’s Premier League in 2009 Beantown was one of 8 teams throughout the country asked to join this top tier of women’s competition in the States. In 2010 we expanded the club by adding a Division III side which won the division in its inaugural season!  Our Division III side moved to Division II in 2011 and continued to succeeded in competitive matches throughout New England before the club consolidated to a singular Division I team in 2014-2016.  As of Fall 2017, we have returned to the WPL. Our overall reputation as a successful club endures today in a sport that continues to grow in popularity among women, both at the college and club levels.

We welcome new players from all backgrounds and all levels of experience.  Beantown coaches and players come from around the country and from all walks of life –  what we share in common is an abiding love and respect for rugby. It is this love and respect that drive our relentless pursuit of excellence in the gym and on the field, in-season and off-season, and bonds us as teammates and as friends. We invite anyone to come join us for a practice. (NO TRYOUTS NEEDED!)

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