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November 2, 2015

Victory over Boston to finish the league season

Bright and early on Halloween morning, Beantown met up with Boston for our league game rematch, with the earlier close game (24-21) not far from our minds. The match featured hard work from the forwards and fast footwork from the backs.

The first half was competitive, with Boston playing a large part of it the Town half, although possession was split fairly equally between the teams. Beantown’s forwards and backs all worked hard defense, making tackle after tackle. On one of the times Beantown worked its way up the field, we were able to score an unconverted try on a quick tap penalty and a terrific gumby-like stretch by Xanni over the try line around the 26 minute mark. Boston came back quickly with their own converted try up the middle. The score stayed that way until the last play of the half, when Sarah B. burst forth on a beautiful middle of the field breakaway, shaking several tackles and throwing a couple stiff arms to score a try, converted by Jones, sending Beantown into halftime with a 12-5 lead.

The second half was a very different story. Beantown scored another converted try at around 6 minutes with the forwards working several good phases and a quick penalty and Jones willing herself and a few defenders over the goal line. Throughout the game Duzzi had been making last-man tackles, but now she got to show off her speed and moves finally, scoring another converted try at about 14 minutes. Beantown never looked back. Boston did move it up the sideline at one point to score a converted try about 22 minutes in. But Duzzi made sure of a Beantown “W” off a nice backline play with a run in for the last try.

Read the play-by-play:

Halftime score: 12-5
Final score: 31-14 (Beantown victory)

Beantown tries: Xanni, Sarah B, Jones, Duzzi (2); Conversions: Jones (3)

The B-side continued to pattern for a 19-12 victory, featuring the Beantown debut of Cheta, a wicked good sevens player who scored a hat trick.

B-side tries: Cheta (3); Conversions: Anne V 92)

duzzi and claire

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October 26, 2015

Big Victory Against Albany

In the strongest performance of the season so far, Beantown traveled to Albany to take home a big win.

Read the play-by-play:

Halftime score: 19-0
Final score: 58-0 (Beantown victory)

Beantown tries: Autumn (3), Jones, Sarah B (2), AMart, Xanni (2), unrecorded; Conversions: Jones (4)

Forward of the match went to Lili, and Back of the match went to Xanni.

Lili and Xanni

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September 25, 2015

Home against Albany for another victory

Beantown hosted the Albany Sirens for a second home game of the season. Though both teams racked up a number of penalties and turnovers, Beantown put points on the board early and never gave up the lead. In the second half, the gap widened further, as Town’s high fitness level kicked in, taking Beantown to a 51-17 victory.

Read the play-by-play:

Halftime score: 22-12
Final score against Albany: 51-17 (Beantown Victory)

Beantown tries: Sarah B (4), Autumn, Lili (2), Jones, Duzzi, Lili; Conversions: Jones

Beantown and Albany then squared off for a B-side match, which Beantown won 17-5. Beantown’s B-side tries scored by Sophie, Autumn, EmHsieh; conversion by Jones.

Check out photos from the match here (thanks Lynne Silken for the awesome photography!)

Forward and Backs awards went to Jones and Xanni!


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September 16, 2015

Beantown kicks off the season with a close win over Boston

Beantown’s first match of the season was a fiercely fought game against long-time cross-town rivals Boston. The game opened with back-and-forth tries – Beantown took an early lead with an unconverted try, then Boston answered with their own try, converting for a slim 2 point lead. But Beantown came back with another two tries and a conversion in the first half, to go into halftime with a 10 point lead.

In the second half, Boston brought in two more tries to bring them into the lead: first, a breakaway from their half of the field brought them into the try zone, bringing the sore up to 17-14. Then, more than 30 minutes into the half, Boston turned over the ball in a Beantown scrum, leading to a try off an eightman pick – and putting Boston ahead at 17-21.

Finally, with just a few minutes left in the half, and Boston backed up against their try line, a Boston penalty for playing the ball on the ground put Beantown in good position for a score – a position capitalized on by captain Jones, who put the ball over the line for a try and finished it up with a conversion, to bring Beantown ahead to what would be the final score of 24-21.

Read the play-by-play:

Halftime score: 17-7
Final score against Boston: 24-21 (Beantown Victory)

Beantown tries: Secret, Jones; Conversions: Jones [other scorers not recorded]

Beantown and Boston then squared off for a B-side match, which Boston won 19-7. Beantown’s B-side try was scored by Hannah.

The backs award went to rookie Sarah, and the forwards award to Clarie.

The backs award went to rookie Sarah, and the forwards award to Clarie.

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June 22, 2015

2015 USA Rugby D1 Runner-Ups

Beantown plays with heart and determination, but comes up short in the attempt to beat the Seattle Saracens, in the finals of the D1 Nationals Championship.

In sunny, warm conditions on a beautiful field at Infinity Park in Glendale, Colorado, Beantown matched up against the Seattle Saracens to see who would take the 2015 USA Rugby D1 Championship. With their strength in their backs, Seattle started the game by putting Beantown on the defensive, putting in two converted tries in the first ten minutes. But soon Beantown rallied back with strong forwards, piling the entire pack over the line to score our first try. After that, Seattle and Beantown traded tries: Seattle with points at about 26 minutes, a penalty try for Beantown at about 34 minutes, after Seattle’s pack was unable to hold up under the pressure of Beantown’s scrum working for a pushover try. After another try for Seattle, the game went into halftime with Beantown down by 7 points.

The second half started with another try for Seattle at 49 minutes. And then…the skies started flashing with lightning, thunder started booming, and the rain came pouring down. The game was suspended for safety at 50 minutes and everyone was sent to the locker rooms for a mandatory 30 minute delay, which turned into a long, grueling, 2+ hours delay as everyone waited anxiously for word that the game would be allowed to resume.

Finally, in a torrential downpour under the lights, officials deemed it safe for players to step back onto the pitch and begin again. The long delay didn’t hurt Beantown’s players, however – back on the field, players in red and blue dominated the play and territory, settling in the the offensive zone. Scrumhalf Liza was able to grab a misplayed ball from SEattle’sscrum and zip in for the score, bringing the totals to 24-31 at about the 64 minute mark. Beantown kept the intense pressure up, coming close to scoring a few times, with Seattle desperately able to clear the ball. Unfortunately, the tying score never came and the final whistle blew, leaving Beantown with the title of D1 Runner-Up.

Read the play-by-play on Storify

Halftime score: 19-26
Final score vs. Seattle: 24-31

Beantown Tries: Sam, scrum penalty try, Jaimie, Liza; Conversions: Jones (2)

Though every player on Beantown wished for a different outcome to this final match, we are proud of a strong season and to have won the title of second best D1 women’s team in the United States. This journey would not have been possible without the incredible support from our friends, family, fans, and alumnae. Thank you for all that you’ve done to support Beantown this season.

See more of Calvin Alexander’s photos from the match on Facebook

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June 10, 2015

Semifinal Match: Victory Against Pittsburgh

Beantown heads to Denver, CO for the National Championship Match after a victory against Pittsburgh.

First, a brief history lesson is necessary in order to really understand this game. In the spring of 2014, an under-staffed Beantown D2 side met the Pittsburgh Angels in Pittsburgh in the semifinals of the D2 Nationals and were trounced 99-0. This year, Pittsburgh moved up to D1 and arrived in Charlotte to face Beantown’s D1 side in another hot, dusty match in the semifinals of the D1 Nationals.

In the first minute of the game, it appeared Pittsburgh would start with the advantage, when they marched straight down the field using very wide punch balls to score…or maybe not. Instead of a try, the ref blew the whistle and called play back for a forward pass.

After that wakeup call, Beantown put the first points on the board with a try from Ali and a conversion from Jones. Pittsburgh responded with their won try by the 10 minute mark – but before the half, Beantown pulled well ahead with three additional tries, to be up 24-7 at halftime.

The first minute of the second half felt like deja vu – except this time Beantown was the team into the tryzone within seconds, and this time the try was NOT called back. Pittsburgh still hung in there, using their wide punches effectively and keeping Beantown working hard. But the strength of Beantown’s bench came into play, as sub after strong, fresh sub came on, making a clear and obvious impact on the pitch. Pittsburgh got two more tries in the second half, but Beantown answered with three for a decisive final score of 48-17.

Read the play-by-play on Storify

Halftime score: 24-7
Final score vs. Pittsburgh: 48-17

Beantown Tries: Ali, Jones (2), JP, Kat P (2), Kate O, and Mary; Conversions: Jones (4)

The next step after this victory is traveling to Denver, CO for the National Championship! Big thanks to all of our fans, near and far. Players are feeling the support of friends, family, and alums, near and far. Particular thanks to the generosity of those who have made a donation to our fundraising page. If you’ve not given yet, please consider making a gift today.

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May 30, 2015

Quarterfinal Match: Victory Against Chicago North Shore

In sunny and warm Charlotte, Beantown kicked off at 3:15 against Chicago North Shore for the 2015 quarterfinal match.

The first half began with a grueling 10 minutes of defense. Chicago battered against Town’s line, pushing all the way into Beantown’s half – but wasn’t able to convert. The next 20 minutes, though, were all Beantown’s, starting with a 3-point penalty kick by Jones and followed by a try from Kat P. and another successful kick from Jones. But in the final 10 minutes Beantown lost momentum and Chicago took advantage, responding with their own 3-point penalty kick from the 40m line and an (unconverted) try, sending the teams into half with Beantown only 2 points ahead.

After the half, Beantown came out fired up and moved almost immediately into Chicago’s half. But Chicago’s defense held strong, keeping Beantown out for twenty minutes – until fresh legs made the difference, with Moose punching a ball into the try zone right under the posts. Jones (on point with her kicks) converted – and not long after, took a penalty kick right in front of the posts for another 3 points. As the 80th minute approached, Town’s energy increased (thanks in part to several strategic subs), and in the final minutes, JP snatched a pass from between Chicago’s centers for a final 5 points. In the actual final minute, Chicago responded with an additional try (no conversion) – but the match was over and Beantown won! It’s on to the semifinal game against Pittsburgh on Sunday!

Read the play-by-play:

Halftime score: 10-8
Final score vs. Chicago North Shore: 25-13

Beantown tries: Kat, Moose, JP; Conversions: Jones (2); Penalty kicks: Jones (2)

Click to see photos of the match, courtesy of Lynne Skilken

Big thanks to all of our fans, near and far. Players are feeling the support of friends, family, and alums, near and far. Particular thanks to the generosity of those who have made a donation to our fundraising page. If you’ve not given yet, please consider making a gift today.

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May 27, 2015

2015 CR3 Playoffs: Beantown Heads to Nationals!

Beantown’s D1 side successfully came back from a first half deficit to defeat Boston in the Atlantic North Competitive Region 3 Playoff game to move ahead to the Eastern Regional Playoffs in Charlotte. The Beantown D2 side wasn’t quite as fortunate, losing by one crummy point against Charles River to be bounced from the playoffs.

D1 vs Boston:

Boston managed some early momentum in the game, scoring a try within the first five minutes and another around the 20th minute by capitalizing on Beantown mistakes with their backs putting the points across to go up by 12 points. Most of the half was played in the Boston end, with no extended pressure by Boston in Beantown’s territory. We were within 10 meters of the try zone several times but couldn’t capitalize. The half ended with Boston in the lead by 12 points.

Beantown scored its first try about 10 minutes into the second half and again about 10 minutes later. One was a forwards’ try after some extended pressure in the Boston 22. Beantown forwards were able to march down the field with measured rucks, forcing Boston to unevenly defend our backs. The second try was a backs’ try by Alyssa after some really lovely play from quite a ways out, using a break and great support. Jones slotted in both conversions, the second being key to breaking the tie in points.

Points became harder to come by and the game was still too close through the end of the second half, keeping Boston’s individual talents in mind and their ability to break through and score. However, Beantown still held territorial and possession advantage throughout the second half, with a couple of heroic scramble defense/chasing down by the backs to keep the score as it was.

Beantown dominated scrums the whole game and happily a penalty was awarded about 10 meters out at the end of the game; Beantown chose a scrum and walked in for a last try, for a final score of 19-12!

Final score vs. Boston: 19-12

Watch the game on YouTube

The three elimination games for the Senior Club D1 Nationals Playoffs are split into two weekends: first, quarter & semi-finals in Charlotte on the 5/30-5/31 weekend. Then, a win in Charlotte will send Beantown to Glendale, Colorado for the final game on 6/13. To help defray the costs for the players traveling and help bring home a National Championship, please consider making a tax-deductible donation.

D2 vs Charles River:

Unlike in the D1 game, the Beantown D2 players spent the vast majority of the game defending against the large, tough Charles River pack and tackling, tackling, tackling players in the backs. The scoring was more balanced, trading tries in the first half (Autumn, with Rhi converting) for a halftime score of 7-5.

Another tradeoff of tries in the second half (Jackie F) put Beantown up 12-10. An exciting break down the side led to another Beantown try (Duzzi & Rhi) and the score at 19-10 until the last 10 minutes. Charles River didn’t quit and were able to put across the two tries they needed to go up by that crummy point with 3 minutes left.

Final score vs Charles River: 19-20

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May 6, 2015

2015 NERFU Cup Champions

Spring came to Newport last weekend, and so did Beantown, ready take another NERFU cup and continue a long-winning tradition. A long weekend with three games Saturday and the championship on Sunday gave everyone plenty of playing time and the opportunity to switch up selections… as well as time to hang out, eat some hamburgers, and pet dogs. Matches on Saturday were twenty minute halves, and twenty-five minute halves for the final on Sunday.


vs. Boston

Read the play-by-play:

Halftime score: 5-0
Final score v. Boston: 15-0

Beantown tries: Jones, forwards, Kat

vs. Albany

Read the play-by-play:

Halftime score: 5-12
Final score v. Albany: 22-12

Beantown tries: Kat (3), E; Conversions: Xanni

vs. Providence

Read the play-by-play:

Halftime score: 17-0
Final score v. Providence: 27-7

Beantown tries: forwards, Ali, Xanni, Jackie, Kat; Conversion: Xanni


Championship vs. Boston

Read the play-by-play:

Halftime score: 12-0
Final score v. Boston: 22-10

Beantown tries: Jones, Kat, Kelsey, E; Conversion: Jones

2015 NERFU Cup Champions

2015 NERFU Cup Champions


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April 29, 2015

Beantown Hosts Close Match Against New York

The New York rugby team traveled to Moakley Field for a chilly day of tough rugby against Beantown. The teams played three 30-minute thirds to maximize playing time for all. Play was fierce and the teams evenly matched, coming out of the first third tied 12-all. Then Beantown kicked it into high gear in the second third, pulling two tries and a conversion ahead for a score of 24-12 after 60 minutes. But New York came back in the third half, slotting in two more tries and two conversions, with the last score coming in the final minutes of play for a New York victory.

Read the play-by-play:

First third: 12-12
Second third: 24-12
Final score against New York: 24-26 (New York wins)

Beantown tries: Ali, E; Conversions: Jones [other scorers not recorded]

Beantown and New York's Players of the Match, celebrating at Patron's

Beantown and New York’s Players of the Match, celebrating at Patron’s

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