Beantown RFC

March 19, 2017

Beantown is Joining the Women’s Premier League!

WPL promo picture

We are pleased to announce that Beantown RFC has accepted an invitation to join USA Rugby’s Women’s Premier League, or the WPL. Beantown competed in the WPL previously from 2009-2013.

The WPL includes the Atlanta Harlequins, Berkeley All Blues, D.C. Furies, Glendale Raptors, New York Rugby, Oregon Sports Union (ORSU), San Diego Surfers, Twin Cities Amazons, and now Beantown Rugby and Chicago North Shore. For the fall 2017 season, Beantown will be competing in the East region against New York,  D.C. Furies, Atlanta, and Twin City Amazons. Chicago North Shore will compete in the West region against Berkeley, Glendale, ORSU, and San Diego.

Beantown vs Chicago scrum

Beantown scrum during USA D1 quarterfinals versus Chicago North Shore

Beantown is immensely excited to return to the WPL. The team is ready and able to face higher levels of competition and represent the northeast on a larger stage. We could not have taken this step without the enthusiasm and support of our community near and far. Thank you for supporting Beantown RFC. Go Forward, Support!

Beantown at Chicago

Beantown sideline at the 2016 Gold Cup match vs. Chicago North Shore

To learn more about the WPL, visit USA Rugby’s page.

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